Top Email Marketing Trends in 2022

With most people around the planet using email, you can’t afford to not have an email marketing strategy, and your strategy should be informed by top trends. When it comes to the email marketing trends of 2022, as email experts, we’ve got our finger on the pulse. Flowstate is a dedicated agency with the skills to deliver messages designed to convert through our email marketing services.

Email marketing has become a cornerstone in the world of online marketing as a way to construct successful campaigns. Think about it, email marketing tools are often the most underrated of the digital marketing tools out there. Other channels, such as Facebook and TikTok, can dramatically change, with some channels eventually dying out. Email, however, that’s forever. Not everyone has TikTok, but almost everyone has an email address, so your list of email addresses will transcend digital marketing channels.

With this incredibly valuable list, you can reach out to your customers with attention-grabbing, trend-lead content created with Flowstate’s email marketing technology. You’ll get the return you want, guaranteed.

Here we’ll define what email marketing is, explore why it’s important, and we’ll talk through the marketing trends of 2022. Understand these trends, and let us optimise your emails to generate next-level revenue.

What is Email Marketing?

Whether you’re just getting into digital marketing or understand a little about email marketing but may be missing a few pieces here and there, it’s good to know as much as you can about this marketing tool and the email marketing trends of 2022.

Put simply, email marketing is sending emails to a list of contacts who have provided your business with their email address and have therefore expressed permission to hear from you. What’s usually sent in these emails includes information about your business’s updates, promotions, announcements, and the like.

Email marketing is a chance to share a story about what you care about. It’s a marketing tool designed to provide value to your business and your contacts, and it helps to keep your contacts in the loop. By using top-tier email marketing services and taking your cues from email marketing trends, you’re investing incredibly wisely into your business.

Top Trends in Email Marketing

So you’ve built your list, maintained it so it’s nice and plump, and now you want to send emails with valuable content. To avoid a missed opportunity, you’ll want to know what to fill it with. We’re laying out the email marketing trends that are already prominent in 2022 and the ones we’re predicting. Spoiler alert, there’s a focus on animated content and user interaction. Fun.

AR + VR Marketing

This trend in email marketing technology is really cool. There’s a growing amount of businesses looking for marketing that involves AR (augmented reality) or VR (virtual reality) technology. We’ve partnered with a new service called ‘LevAR’ to create powerful digital experiences so that shoppers can see exactly how an item or product will look in their home. Emails that provide visuals of how digital versions of your business’s products will appear in your customer’s space will undoubtedly improve your conversion rate.

AR and VR engage customers with an immersive experience, which stands out in anyone’s inbox. Products are brought to life, increasing buyer confidence, and brand awareness is strengthened. This marketing tool can also help you to track and measure your ROI and build a better shopping experience for all involved.

AI Email Integration

The seemingly unlimited data available out there can be a lot for an online marketer to sift through and prioritise. AI (artificial intelligence) can be used to handle time-consuming tasks with little effort. Through things like outcome analytics, survey optimisation, contact list clean-up, email campaign organisation, and subject line creation, this trend of integrating AI into your company’s email practices will help you speed up and improve every marketing campaign.

User Interactive Emails

As the demand for engaging content increases, one trend that’s a sure-fire way to boost engagement is implementing interactive features in email marketing. There are many ways to incorporate interactive marketing, including Gifs, animated buttons, design mode options, videos, surveys and polls, live shopping cars, and more. The immediate options to interact result in a higher click-through rate, again boosting conversion. And since everyone loves playing games, no matter what age, there’s a trend in gamification to capture attention.

A Focus on Email Privacy

This one’s more of a legal shift than a trend. There’s been a steady increase in the need for privacy and security in email marketing, so privacy and data protection will ramp up in 2022. The Data Protection Directive of 1995 was updated in 2018 with a wide range of legal aspects related to the digital privacy of users. So, anyone collecting data of users must delete any data upon any user’s request. Give subscribers the option to easily opt-out or change their emailing preferences so they can consent to the content they receive from you. Doing this not only cleans up your mailing list, but it tightens up your data and improves your marketing performance.

Mobile Friendly Designs

According to Campaign Monitor, 47% of people check their emails on mobile devices, and of those, 81% prefer to open emails on their phones. So there’s substantial value in increasing usability for mobile users. Emails that are not just mobile-friendly but optimised with email marketing tools for phone users will land better and, therefore, be more effective. Mobile-friendly email designs do present challenges– there’s less space to work with, and there’s tougher competition for attention. But with data pointing to the importance of emails to be designed for a mobile audience, this trend is worth navigating to become a mainstay within your email marketing strategy.

Keep Your Email Ahead of the Curve in 2022!

To boost your email marketing performance, stay on top of these email marketing trends in 2022. Adapt with techniques to keep users engaged and enhance your sales success. We’re more than an agency that ‘does email’; we’re expert email practitioners that you can trust to get incredible results.

Learn more about how we guarantee email ROI through our email marketing services.