Customer Referral Program

Welcome to the Flowstate Customer Referral Program, where your loyalty and connections can earn you incredible rewards. We're excited to offer this program exclusively to our valued customers, past + present, to thank you for helping us grow + succeed.

Our Customer Referral Program is designed to incentivize + reward you for referring new business to Flowstate. By connecting us with new customers, you not only help us expand our community but also enjoy substantial benefits.

Program Details


  • Referrer: Any customer, past or present, of Flowstate.
  • Referee: Any new customer who signs a contract with Flowstate (Premium or Academy).

Rewards Structure:

  • Referrer: $3,000 cash bonus
    • $500 off your next 6-invoices OR
    • 15% off your next project
  • Referee: $3,000 cash bonus
    • $500 off your next 6-invoices OR
    • 15% off your first project
    • Free Email Growth Consultation valued at $1,499 plus GST.

How to Submit A Referral:

  1. Referral Submission: Send an email introduction to Simon Chin at
  2. Verification: We will verify if the referral is an appropriate fit for Flowstate + our services.
  3. Reward Distribution: Once the referred customer signs a contract + makes their first payment, we distribute the rewards to both the referrer and the referee.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Cash bonuses + discounts apply once the referred customer signs a contract + makes the first payment.
  • Referral rewards are subject to verification + the referred customer must meet the Flowstate acceptance criteria.
  • This program is open exclusively to existing customers, past or present.
  • If the referee or referrer ends their contract before the 6-month cash bonus is paid, you will forfeit your right to the remaining bonus.