+++ Unlock the value in your audience today
+++ Unlock the value in your audience today
+++ Unlock the value in your audience today
+++ Unlock the value in your audience today
+++ Unlock the value in your audience today
+++ Unlock the value in your audience today
+++ Unlock the value in your audience today
+++ Unlock the value in your audience today
+++ Unlock the value in your audience today
+++ Unlock the value in your audience today
+++ Unlock the value in your audience today
+++ Unlock the value in your audience today
+++ Unlock the value in your audience today
+++ Unlock the value in your audience today
+++ Unlock the value in your audience today

Email marketing + SMS done by experts

We help eCommerce brands to unlock the value of their audience with email marketing + SMS with our signature system, the State of Flow.

State of Flow

Our signature system

The State of Flow is the signature system and framework developed by Flowstate. Our proprietary system draws upon email tactics and strategies that have helped over 200 customers around the globe. We diagnose your exact needs with email and then using our system, deploy tactics that will resolve and generate new revenue for your business (guaranteed).

  • Stronger email sales + ROI
  • Guaranteed revenue performance
  • A crystal clear email strategy
  • Measurable results, insights and performance metrics

Lifecycle Journey Mapping

Lifecycle Journey Mapping

Craft the ultimate customer experience with our Journey Mapping solution. We design a customized lifecycle journey that leads your customers effortlessly from discovery to dedication. With meticulous attention to detail, we map out every touchpoint, igniting awareness and nurturing enduring loyalty.

  • A unified visual representation of the entire customer journey representation of the entire customer journey
  • Identification and optimization of every touchpoint, including email and SMS interactions
  • Implementation of deep personalization strategies leveraging data and behavioural insights

Email Automation Flows

Email automation flows

Email flows automate messages triggered by actions, such as purchases, viewed products + abandoned cart events. Streamline your eCommerce business + have emails of value sent to your customers while you sleep.

  • Automated + personalised revenue generation machine
  • Utilise deep segmentation
  • Boost customer lifetime value + advocacy

Email Campaigns

email campaigns

Create a long-term relationship with your customers with personalised email campaigns. Personalised messaging boosts sales, increases customer loyalty, and generates brand awareness

  • Segmented + personalised messages
  • Extract more value from your audience + lists
  • Boost customer lifetime value + advocacy

Database Growth

database growth

Attract new customers and grow your audience. Harness first-party data to segment + create more relevant + personal email marketing. The result, more people to talk to and a deeper relationship with each.

  • Grow your database faster than ever with qualified customers
  • Nurture new sign-ups with targeted automation flows
  • Maintain a clean and segmented database

Identity Management

identity management

Keep an accurate + more comprehensive view of your customer. Connect your customers touch-points across your website + digital channels, and activate this information into more effective email marketing communications.

  • Understand the journey your customer takes when engaging with your brand
  • Use data + event metrics to trigger perfectly timed emails
  • Identify your most valuable and engaged customers



Reach more inboxes. Correctly manage your sender reputation through enhanced email engagement. Deliver your emails into the inbox, not the promotions tab or worse, the spam box.

  • Sender reputation management
  • Primary mailbox delivery
  • More opens, clicks and conversions

Platform Migration

platform migration

Ready to move to a platform that better meets your businesses email needs? Our Platform Migration service handles all of the technical integration and data migration work to ensure you enjoy a brand new email platform ready to send.

  • Needs analysis + platform recommendations
  • Data + template migration
  • Complete portal set-up, ready to send

Performance Audits

Performance audits

Not sure how you're performing with email or the opportunities you have to grow? Let our team get under the hood and evaluate every aspect of your current email marketing strategy, execution, results and benchmark performance. The result, understand exactly how you can grow revenue with email.

  • A complete + comprehensive review of your email platform
  • Data driven recommendations to grow revenue
  • Understand how you compare to your peers + competitors



SMS is a powerful marketing tool to use in conjunction with email because it has very high open rates, allows for personalized messaging, and can significantly enhance engagement with your audience. Create a multi-touch marketing strategy by leveraging the power of SMS with email.

  • Leverage data + behaviour to trigger SMS
  • Communicate with customers simultaneously on multiple channels
  • Increase engagement, conversion + lifetime value

Service Design


Streamline your design, content and creative delivery process to enable you to send emails faster, more efficiently, to make more money. We implement our proprietary 'design ways of working' which has already saved our team 30-40% of time + resources needed to design and deploy email flows + campaigns for our own clients.

  • Ideal for eCommerce businesses who send multiple emails weekly
  • Automate the creation process to deliver instant cost savings
  • Rapid campaign sends, move faster than your competitors

Template Design

template design

Create a suite of email templates that hit the mark with your customers. Fully optimised for mobile, desktop and all mail clients, create templates that not only look great visually, but also are technically designed + built to best practice user experience and design.

  • Templates that convert
  • Create a suite of templates for quick use
  • Optimised for all devices

Email Training

email training

Want to upskill and become more proficient with email marketing? We provide one-on-one and group training for clients who want to learn the best strategies, tactics and latest trends with email marketing. Tailored for your email platform, we arm you with all the tools needed to be an expert email practitioner.

  • Perfect for both individuals + marketing teams
  • Learn how we make money with email
  • Hit send with more confidence + drive more revenue with email

Lead Generation

lead generation

Never worry about lead generation again. Our team will help you turn on the tap of a never-ending flow of hot leads so your sales team can focus on what it does best – selling.

  • High quality leads ready to buy
  • Leads sent direct to your inbox
  • We build the audience, personalise every email + manage the campaign on your behalf

Your brand's email growth starts today