The 10-step checklist to guaranteed revenue – EDM Marketing

Do you break out into a sweat every time you have to hit send on an email being sent out to your database? The cost of sending an email without having test it first can be high…

Let’s say, for example, that an email is being sent to 30,000 subscribers that may be interested in a product worth $100. If 25% off those subscribers open the email, that is 7,500 customers. However, this particular email was not tested, and isn’t displaying properly in Outlook. Now if approximately 5% of these subscribers use Outlook, that means the email was broken for around 375 subscribers. And if there’s around a 17% Click-to-open rate (CTOR) within the remaining subscribers, that’s only 64 people.

Now, if we factor in a conversion rate of roughly 30%, we’re left with about 20 lost customers – in other words, $2,000 in lost revenue due to a broken email.

Not testing emails can be costly. Luckily, we’ve compiled this 10-step checklist for you containing all the tools and tips you need to take the fear our of hitting send.

1. Check spelling and grammar

  •    Grammarly can help with this.

2. Check all your URL links.

3. Check all images have alt-tags.

4. Check accessibility

  •    Can your subject line, preview text & sender name be viewed on both desktop & mobile devices? Also check for multiple mail    clients.

5. Check images render correctly on all devices

  •    It is recommended that all artwork is created specifically for each device.

6. Check your CTA buttons

  •    Are they relevant to the campaign? Do they appear multiple times throughout the email?

7. Check your audience

  •    Does the segment you’re targeting have the correct definition? Is the segment populated? Are you excluding any recipients    from your database?

8. Test the email

  •    Send the email campaign to your work and/ or personal email. View on both desktop and mobile & check your email renders    perfectly (links, images, design, etc).
  •    Send your email to an email testing platform such as Email on Acid.
  •    Check your email renders perfectly on every mail client & device through your testing platform (Email on Acid tests on 90+    clients & devices).
  •    If your platform has a campaign pre-check, run your email campaign through this testing process as well.

9. Split testing?

  •   Check your variations are loaded correctly.
  •   Confirm the testing methodology & how the winner will be defined.

10. Confirm your scheduled time

  •   If you’re sending to multiple regions check you’re sending at the correct local time zone.