News Release [Friday 3rd Nov, 2023]

RMIT University's Masters of Analytics program, in an unprecedented move, teamed up with Flowstate, a renowned industry player, to provide their students with a groundbreaking real-world learning experience centred around Klaviyo — the company that powers smarter digital relationships.

The initiative sought to bridge the gap between academic theory and actual industry practices. Students were exposed to data, practical marketing examples, and genuine industry challenges. This practical exposure is designed to prepare students to be competitive in the professional world of email marketing.

"Practical experience is the cornerstone for students to transition seamlessly from academia to the professional world. Klaviyo’s platform not only offers a comprehensive suite of marketing tools but is versatile enough to cater to the diverse learning curve of students, ensuring they're well-prepared for the demands of modern marketing," said Doan Than, Solutions Architect at Klaviyo.

The collaboration's central challenge was ensuring students could adeptly use Klaviyo to analyse data, understand the nuances of a data-driven approach to email marketing, and create effective campaigns that resonate with diverse consumer segments.

"Our collaboration with RMIT merges industry expertise with the talent of budding data-driven marketers. This alliance reflects real-world, data-centric email marketing practices using software like Klaviyo. RMIT’s dedication enriches both students and our Flowstate team, introducing innovative insights. This partnership highlights the power of academia and industry collaboration, and we're excited for our continued engagement with RMIT." noted Simon Chin, founder and CEO at Flowstate.

As a key part of their assessment, students were given access to Klaviyo's simulated data, encompassing representative customer transaction histories and profiles. They further enriched their analyses by integrating external data sources, including market research and social media metrics. The overarching goal was straightforward: craft pragmatic, data-driven email marketing strategies in line with genuine industry demands.

"I was thrilled to participate in the email marketing challenge provided by Flowstate. Before the challenge, I had no idea how complex and thoughtful the process of crafting an email marketing campaign could be.” said Prateek Chandraker, Masters of Analytics student at RMIT University.
Another RMIT student, Prajyot Deepak Patil, added, "I had the pleasure of working with Flowstate on a critical project for my Marketing Analytics course in the Masters of Marketing Program. During this project, I gained invaluable hands-on experience with the Klaviyo platform.".

The outcome of this collaboration was multifold. RMIT students received unparalleled practical experience, making them industry-ready. Simultaneously, Flowstate benefited from innovative, fresh perspectives on email marketing strategies.

In wrapping up, this pioneering partnership between RMIT and Flowstate reaffirms the importance of combining academic learning with industry insights. It underscores the value of preparing students not just theoretically but practically for the dynamic world of digital marketing.