As eCommerce stores strive to build deeper and more meaningful relationships with their community, one essential tool that cannot be overlooked is effective email marketing. Email marketing allows businesses to engage with their audience on a personal level, nurture leads, and ultimately drive sales. However, even the most meticulously planned email marketing campaigns can fall flat if emails are not thoroughly tested before sending.

Email testing is an integral part of the pre-sending process that ensures flawless delivery and maximises the impact of your email campaigns. By taking the time to test your emails, you can identify and fix potential issues that may sabotage your efforts. Let's explore the cruciality of pre-sending email testing and the various aspects that should be tested.

The Importance of Deliverability

Email deliverability is the cornerstone of a successful email marketing strategy. Deliverability refers to the ability of an email to reach the recipient's inbox without being filtered or flagged as spam. If your emails are not being delivered to your subscribers' inboxes, all your efforts to create engaging content and compelling calls-to-action will be in vain.

Email testing helps you identify potential deliverability issues such as email filtering, spam triggers, broken links, or formatting problems. By thoroughly testing your emails before sending, you can ensure that your message will be successfully delivered to your intended audience.

Avoiding Embarrassing Mistakes

We've all received emails that contain embarrassing mistakes or formatting issues. These mistakes can significantly impact the professionalism and credibility of your brand. By testing your emails, you can catch and correct any errors before they reach your subscribers.

Test for typos, grammar mistakes, broken links, and rendering issues across different email clients and devices. Consider using email testing tools or services that simulate real-world conditions to provide a comprehensive view of how your emails will appear to recipients.

Optimising Engagement and Click-Through Rates

Testing different variations of your email content, subject lines, and call-to-action buttons allows you to determine which elements resonate most with your audience. By experimenting with different strategies, you can optimise your engagement and click-through rates, leading to higher conversion rates and ultimately increased sales.

Test different subject lines to see which ones generate the highest open rates. Experiment with the placement and design of your call-to-action buttons to evaluate which variations drive more clicks. By constantly monitoring and testing these elements, you can refine your email campaigns to meet the evolving preferences of your audience.

Personalisation and Segmentation Testing

Personalisation and segmentation are key components of a successful email marketing strategy. Sending relevant and tailored content to specific segments of your audience increases engagement and drives conversions. However, without testing, personalisation efforts can backfire.

Test your personalisation placeholders to ensure they are pulling the correct data from your customer database. Verify that your segmentation rules are accurately dividing your audience into the desired segments. Implement A/B testing to determine the most effective personalisation and segmentation strategies.


In the fast-paced world of eCommerce, email marketing remains an indispensable tool for generating deeper relationships, engagement, and sales. However, the success of email campaigns hinges on thorough pre-sending testing.

By leveraging email testing techniques, eCommerce stores can ensure flawless email delivery, avoid embarrassing mistakes, optimise engagement and click-through rates, and maximise the impact of personalisation and segmentation strategies.

Take the time to invest in comprehensive email testing before sending your campaigns. The dividends will be evident in increased deliverability rates, higher engagement, and ultimately, a more profitable eCommerce business.

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Your eCommerce store's success starts with effective email testing. Don't leave anything to chance. Test, refine, and watch your business flourish!

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