[Melbourne, 30th August 2023] - Flowstate, a pioneering name in the world of email marketing, is thrilled to announce the launch of their game-changing service, InstantEmail. This innovative solution, as part of the signature framework, State of Flow, is set to revolutionise the way our customers operate, making the process of sending emails faster, more efficient, and hassle-free.

Traditionally, approved email designs in Figma need to be exported and built within your email service provider (e.g. Klaviyo). This process, whilst streamlined at Flowstate, does take time to convert a design to a ready to send email. 

InstantEmail is a revolutionary service by Flowstate that bridges the gap between your design and email marketing platform. With just one click, it instantly sends approved template designs from Figma directly to your email platform, without any need for building or coding. It's the missing link in your creative workflow.

The Benefits of InstantEmail

1. Speed to Market for Dominating Your Market:** InstantEmail turbocharges your design-to-email pipeline, ensuring that your meticulously crafted designs are ready for deployment in a matter of seconds. By being the first in the inbox, you'll wield a secret weapon for dominating your market and staying ahead of the competition.

2. Send More Emails:** With InstantEmail, there are no more bottlenecks. You can send a higher volume of quality emails, engaging your audience more frequently and effectively.

3. Enhanced Quality:** By eliminating manual processes, InstantEmail ensures that your designs are faithfully replicated in your emails. Say goodbye to formatting errors and hello to pixel-perfect emails every time.

4. Streamlined Workflow:** No more wasting time on technical integrations or waiting for IT support. InstantEmail simplifies the entire process, allowing your team to focus on what they do best—creating stunning email campaigns.

5. Boosted Productivity:** With the time saved using InstantEmail, your team can channel their energy into more creative and strategic tasks, ultimately improving your overall marketing strategy.

How It Works

1. Approve Design: Once your design is ready in Figma, simply give it the green light.

2. Click and Send: Use InstantEmail to instantly transfer your approved design to your email platform of choice.

3. Engage Your Audience: With your email ready to go, you can promptly engage your audience with compelling, well-designed content.

Experience the future of email marketing with InstantEmail and watch your campaigns and flows soar to new heights. Say goodbye to delays and hello to a faster, more efficient way to send quality emails!

Flowstate's InstantEmail is your secret weapon for dominating the inbox and taking your brand to new heights in the competitive world of email marketing.

For more information about InstantEmail and how it can transform your email marketing strategy, please visit Contact Us today.

About Flowstate

Flowstate is a leading email + marketing automation consultancy that works with brands to create deeper + more personalised connections with their community. We utilise the world’s leading email + CRM solutions, combined with a strong ability to combine data, design + automation, to create outsized returns for our brands with email.